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Ichiriki | Hanamachi

Welcome to the Ichiriki Ochaya, the most famous ochaya in all of Japan! Located in the heart of Gion, the most famous of Kyoto's hanamachi, this 300-year-old ochaya is still in business. We are an invitation only setting, where the walls whisper of the vast and intricate history that has taken place here. We are notorius for our ozashiki, where our most prestigious customers are entertained by the most famous geiko and up-and-coming maiko of Kyoto.

If you were lucky enough to be invited inside, please explore the rest of the site. This is an RPG centered around the real life hanamachi and Ichiriki ochaya of Kyoto, but the okiya and geisha are fictional (but may be based on actual geisha). 
If you have the money to establish a long-lasting relationship with us, there are more benefits that will be open to you. Please sign this guestbook to make an appointment for ozashiki.

[Ozashiki Inquiry]

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We take every patron's request into full consideration, but we regret to inform you that it is first-come-first-serve. If a geiko or maiko is unavailable for your ozashiki we will do our best to satisfy you. They are very busy ladies and it is with the deepest regret that they miss your ozashiki.

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