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The Ichiriki Ochaya

Ichiriki | Hanamachi
Yasuhiro Okiya
The geiko of the Yasuhiro Okiya specialize in the traditional and much sought after arts of calligraphy and ikebana.
The Yasuhiro Okiya is empty currently. If you would like to join the okiya, I'm sure you've seen the e-mail posted all over the site. If you would like to apply to become part of the Yasuhiro Okiya, please send an e-mail with your biography and pick a name from the suggestion to your right. Names will be given after the roles are filled, as is traditional. Every okiya needs at least 2 maiko, 1 geiko, and an Okasan. As the RPG grows, more and more people will be accepted into the okiya. Please make your biography detailed and lively. Also, submit a sample of your RP ability. You will be notified immediately if you are chosen.

All names have the character Haru, for spring. The name you choose MUST have Haru in it or it will not be accepted. If you do not like this option please check out the other okiya in the other hanamachi. 


Our Geiko:


Our Maiko:

There are other jobs available associated with the okiya such as a hair dresser and kimono dresser, as well as shikomi (maid), or some other attraction in the town such as a famous kabuki actor or kimono maker. The list is very broad, so please don't hesitate to ask.

Men are just as welcome as women, in fact they are what will keep this RPG running. We need men to participate in ozashiki and request our maiko and geiko. You can be a famous actor, or a very wealthy businessman, a spy even. Be creative. If you want to apply for a position of a male in the RPG please include your RP name and a very good reason why YOU would be associated with the Ichiriki Ochaya. Please include an RP sample as well.

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